Cool Ideas for Boys Bedroom

It is so common for people to differentiate the use of colors within home interior designs based on the gender, let’s say the pink seems better for the girls, on the other hand, we should use green or blue for the boys. The idea above is something true, indeed but surely, it is not always like that.

It seems no matter for us to use blue as the main theme of a girl’s bedroom although it is rather impossible to use pink for the boy’s. Well, if you then have a plan to design and decorate a boy’s bedroom in this near future, there must be several things to be considered. So, what are they? check them out.

Before deciding the colors and types of furniture to be applied, it seems better to know the main theme at first. Your son probably has favorite characters or idols, let’s say Batman, Spiderman or even Bob Marley. If he likes Spiderman so much as an example, you can then decide to use red, blue or mural of skyscrappers as the main theme. Of course, to avoid such stuffy feeling, it is better to combine those colors with another one which is quite neutral, like white.

Since the boys tend to be simple, it seems another idea you can try is about minimalist or contemporary design. Of course, since his age is still young, whether he is kid or teenager, you may add such bright colors as the main theme or accent. Don’t forget to put on furniture and accessories in minimalism as well.

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