Classic Variants of King Bedroom Sets Hyped Up in 2016

King bedroom sets are often being choice mainly to be placed in the adult or master bedroom. Indeed, despite of the price span which is not too big, between king-sized and smaller-sized bed, you can even find it larger. That’s why, if your bedroom is for two, king bed can be a better choice. The design of bedroom sets themselves are really various nowadays. Well, if you are bored with such conventional ideas, some classic variants which are hyped up in this 2016 may inspire you.

Classic Mediterranean Ideas

Classic furniture which is quite famous is commonly only around European or maybe oriental. But you know, the term classic itself actually has broader meaning since there are so many classic culture in our world. And one of them which is actually really beautiful but often being forgotten is related to the Mediterranean ideas. You know Mediterranean architecture along with its furniture has great designs as it is mainly the combination between Middle-east and European ideas. Well, think about the blend between something like Moroccan and Tuscan. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Modern-Classic Ideas

Well, by only hearing the name, you must be able to imagine how this bedroom set looks like. Sure, it is a combination of modern and classic designs. When modern furniture has a tendency to be simple and minimalist, therefore, classic style is more about the application of details. The touch of modern can then be presented by applying minimalist-shaped furniture and also bed which looks plain and neutral. Meanwhile, there must be some classic details like engraving one the some parts. For color ideas, this idea is much more flexible then. In one point, you can choose light, neutral, or even bright colors in order to deepen the look of modern. But of course, pastel and bold colors like maroon and rustic brown can be perfect as well.

Retro Ideas

Retro fashion or retro hairstyles, for many people, are now being forgotten and even laughed for its “so-yesterday” look. But it is not for interior design and furniture. Applying retro style over modern interior can even really unique and stunning. How about wooden bedroom set with colorful and patterned bed and upholstered chairs? Or maybe, the application of canopy which is so 60’s? And yap, since retro or vintage is actually a transformation from classic to modern design, it is much easier for you to arrange them. And whatever type of main color theme, whether it is black, white, or even red can match this idea perfectly.

Rustic Ideas

For you the lovers of natural and artistic ideas, rustic bedroom sets can be a good thing to be tried. Well, imagine about a bedroom with coarse furniture sets is really fascinating. And interestingly, although this idea is not as popular as other classic designs, this kind of bedroom sets is largely available in the market.

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