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Classic French Country Home Decor

There are so many home design styles from different regions of the world. French country home decor is one of the most adopted styles ever. People show much love to this style. It has many similarities with Rustic Home Decor.


Recognizing this style is quite easy, from the use of rustic furniture, natural elements, etc. Bring up the warmth in your house with this classic style. If you want to use this concept in total, use every recommended element.

To capture the warmth of this style, the following tips may help. Pick the right colors first. Each design must have its typical color palette. With French decorating, we can’t roll out yellow, red, and brown. All these colors are very prominent in the style.

Natural French Country Home Decor

They are natural colors, so they would go hand-in-hand with this style. In addition to natural colors, the materials involved in decorating should also be natural. If you love iron, then go with it.

French Country Home Decor

However, do not forget wood, the key material of this design. Wood is pretty much a staple when we talk about French country home decor. As time goes by, the traditional French style is now mixed with the modern style.

There is no denying that the modern design is quite contrary to what the traditional style offers. However, they can actually complement each other. Make a distressed look on your furniture. You can go to a thrift shop or a vintage store to get a few pieces of old furniture.

If it’s hard to find such furniture in your area, why don’t you change the look of your furniture?

Rustic Ideas

You may feel sorry changing your new furniture in order to look old and worn, but it is not a big deal if you want to embrace the style totally. To create distressed furniture, you can use grit sandpaper.

French Country Home Decor 4

Another popular element that you can’t go without is natural patterns. Floral patterns seem to be the easiest way to corroborate the style. When you visit a French house, flowers should be found in every corner. You can apply those patterns to your pillows. Pillows, rugs, curtains, just apply them on every item in your home.

Elaborate patterns are nice, but you should not go too hard with them. The lightness of the theme also needs to be considered. It will feel unpleasant to see the home decorated with monotonous patterns. Create a perfect ambiance by combining multiple patterns.

The Elements

Do you love gardening? Then why don’t you move some pots inside? Houseplants are not only perfect for exteriors, but also interiors. Living plants can provide unparalleled freshness. Try to grow a plum, fiscus, or other trees. If you don’t like large trees that much, shrubs or vines can be a substitute.

French Country Home Decor 2

French Country Home Decor 3

French Country Home Decor 5

French Country Home Decor 6

French Country Home Decor 7

French Country Home Decor 8

French Country Kitchen Style

Lighting also plays an important role here. Once again, set up natural lighting for your home. During the day, just let the sunshine come into the house. Build multiple vents to manage the air circulation in every room. Instead of low light, bright light is more preferable. You still need low voltage lamps. Put them in some areas to provide aesthetic. They just act as an accent, aimed to subtly illuminate each room. The highlight is still the bright lamps. That’s all about French country home decor.