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Chrome Coffee Table: 15 Amazingly Modern and Stylish Designs

There’s nothing like the metallic sheen from these chrome coffee tables to bring out the modern impression of your living room.

With different top materials and creative shapes, these coffee tables will boast unique decorative features that will immediately add a sense of sophistication to any decor theme.

Scroll through for a stylish inspiration from the finest chrome coffee tables.

  • Chrome And Glass Coffee Table Round Tiered

Inspired by the futuristic design. The double ring pedestal that sits on a shiny round chrome base are supporting the tiered round glass top.

Chrome And Glass Coffee Table Round Tiered

We already imagine this coffee table placed on an apartment living room, reflecting the city light from the outside.

  • Chrome and Wooden Top Coffee Table

The combination from the cold metallic pedestal and the warm mosaic wooden top resulted in an aesthetically intriguing design.

Chrome And Wooden Top Coffee Table

It will give a contemporary touch to the living room. While at the same time effortlessly warm up the space with its natural charm.

  • Square Design

With the right design and top material, chrome coffee table can look sophisticatedly chic. Just like this beauty.

Chrome Coffee Table Square Design

We can picture this square coffee table placed above a white furry rug, on a Scandinavian style bedroom or living room.

  • Chrome Glass Coffee Table Edgy Square

For every home owners with modern and futuristic taste, this might be the perfect addition that will complete your overall living room decor.

Chrome Glass Coffee Table Edgy Square

With crisp lines and shiny finishing, this chrome coffee table is undoubtedly shining with an edgy vibe that everyone will fancy.

  • Stylish Chrome Round Coffee Table

We love how the simplicity of this chrome coffee table features an unpretentious modern and artsy look.

Chrome Round Coffee Table

With three chrome rings gathered in the bottom and a round clear glass top, this coffee table should climb the top of your list for your next living room improvement.

  • Coffee Table Chrome with Drawers

Are you looking for something to complement your industrial style living room?

Coffee Table Chrome With Drawers

Choose a multi-functional chrome coffee table that exudes a strong masculine vibe with hidden drawers that gives enough space to organize your items.

  • Curvy Glass And Chrome Coffee Table

The infinite flow from the curvy pedestal will definitely soften the look of a contemporary living room filled with bold black and crisp white furniture.

Glass And Chrome Coffee Table Curvy Style

It’s also versatile enough to be incorporated into any decor theme.

  • Rectangular Glass Chrome Coffee Table

Getting bored of seeing ornamental an decorative details? Well, it’s time to change the atmosphere, with a light and sophisticated chrome coffee table.

Glass Chrome Coffee Table Rectangular

We are loving the thin chrome frames and the tiered rectangular glass tops.

  • Simple Round Glass Coffee Table With Chrome Legs

If modern or contemporary are your option to make over the living room, we highly recommend adding metallic sheen to the space for a total dive into the theme.

Glass Coffee Table With Chrome Legs Simple Round

This coffee table features four overlapping chrome bars that supported a black-tinted glass top.

  • Elegant Wood and Round Chrome Coffee Table

When all you need in life is something simple and stylish without detaching yourself from the nature, this gorgeous coffee table will suit your taste perfectly.

Round Chrome Coffee Table With Elegant Wood

The top is made of the naturally beautiful slanted light wood, with chrome frame and pedestal that lends a modern chic style.

  • White and Chrome Combination

Just because you’ve decided a monochrome decor setting for your living room, doesn’t mean it should be bland and boring. You can experiment and play with different textures, patterns, and materials to spice up the space.

White And Chrome Coffee Table

This simple chrome coffee table with glossy white top will definitely fit in.

  • White Modular Chrome Coffee Table

Well, you don’t have to go full frontal with the metallic sheen if you don’t feel like it.


White Chrome Coffee Table Modular Design

The sophisticated design of this modular coffee table is amplified with strategically placed glossy chrome accents.

  • Naturally Glowing Wood and Chrome Idea

Falling in love with a Scandinavian style living room and going for it? You can balance all the bright white props and paints.

Wood And Chrome Coffee Table

Make it perfect with a naturally glowing wood top. It will warmly reflect the streams of sunlight to the whole space.

  • Black Glass And Chrome Coffee Table

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about going for a coffee table with bold character to furnish your living room.

Black Glass And Chrome Coffee Table

The combination of large chrome spikes and black-tinted glass top on this coffee table are going to be the highlight that will steal everyone’s attention.

  • Slim-Framed Chrome Coffee Table with Black Top

We surely love the versatile look of black and white to decorate the house. But did you know that adding metal details will immediately transform the whole room into an amazingly modern and chic space?

Black And Chrome Coffee Table

You don’t even have to go overboard. Because even the slim, chrome frame of this coffee table will go along perfectly.

So, have you decided which chrome coffee table that you’re going to bring in for your next living room improvement project?

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