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Chic Open Floor House Plans

Open floor house is categorized as the modern home style which is so popular in this current time. For the open floor house idea, we decrease the wall screen of the room and in this idea we combine some rooms including the guest room, the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. In another word, those rooms are not given the wall screen which is usually functioned as the border of the room and even, between the guest room and the living room, those rooms are blended to be one room but although there is no border, the function of each room remains appearing clearly. The open floor house plans are rather similar to the usual house plans and in this matter those plans are related to creating the house sketch and the miniature house. In addition to that, of course designing the open floor house is more pleasant because we are not necessary to manage the wall screen in each room and the more focused thing in these open floor house plans is pointing at managing the location of the rooms which indeed those rooms do not provide the wall screen.

Later on, assuming at the rooms do not have the wall screen in the open floor house, the bathroom and the bedroom must remain supplying the screen as the border of the room on account of those rooms: the bathroom and the bedroom constitute the privacy rooms which are obligated to have the wall screen despite those rooms are available in the open floor house plans. Furthermore, usually the bathroom and the bedroom are located in the side position and the rooms consisting of the guest room, the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room are located in the middle part. Between the kitchen and the dining room, habitually those rooms are adjacent to each other in as much as those rooms are not allowed to be separated too far. In this case, after we finish cooking in the kitchen, we can be easier to put the dish on the table provided in the dining room. Apart from that, for achieving the comfort in the open floor house, we must really plan the room management in order that we get the excellent open floor house and then, we must make sure that the open floor house plans have been organized well.

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