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Lime Living Room Decorating Ideas – Natural and Fresh

Vintage style is also presented by using the lime living room decorating ideas. The vintage style is related to the originality of the layout. The lime color can show the original appearance of the color.

Home decorating ideas belong to the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the kitchens, the dining rooms and the living rooms. Those rooms can utilize many kinds of home styles, one of them is the vintage style.

In addition, the vintage style can also be carried out in the living room. To realize this concept, you will involve the lime color in the process of decorating this room. Then, you are going to obtain the comfortable living room by applying the vintage concept and using the lime idea.

The Natural Trace

The natural trace must be displayed in the vintage style. Using the lime color, this trace will appear by applying some furnitures related to vintage style.

Lime Living Room Decorating Ideas

Firstly, you can look for the carpet which has the similar feature to the grass in such a way that the vintage style in the lime living room can be actualized maximally. This carpet certainly has been found in some shops in which are located not far from your home.

Secondly, you provide the palm plant and then you put this plant in the living room in such a way that this room will seem fresh and healthy as well as the lime will be stuck out by using the green plant.

Afterwards, the carpet and the plant are going to be supported by the lime wall and in this case, you can purchase the lime paint. After that, the lime paint is set up in the living room wall.

Apply Other Colors

Like the picture below, the lime color is combined with other colors divided into brown and white color. Moreover, those colors are included the natural colors which are often used to endorse the vintage layout of the living room.

Classic Lime Living Room Design

The brown color can be executed in the table and the floor. In choosing the living room’s floor, you are suggested to select the tile which has the same characteristic with the wood motive and it is done to indicate that this room uses the vintage style in the home decor. Another application of the brown color is supplying the brown curtain installing in the window of the living room.

Then, for the white color, it is put in the sofa and the ceiling so that the identification of the vintage style is really attained in this living room.

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Having the clean and attractive living room is the dream of everyone. Those features can sure be realized the dream by executing the lime living room decorating ideas.

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