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Bunk Bed with Desk: 14 Incredibly Functional Ideas

Maximize every precious space with a functional furniture piece, like this bunk bed with integrated desk. Sleep and study all in one compact place with less hassle.

Can’t decide which design would be the best fit for your room? No worries. We are here to inspire you with many options.

  • Energizing Compact Bunk Bed with Desk

Give the room an endless energy boost with this bunk bed made of solid wood and metal elements. Move between bed and study area easily with a metal staircase that matches the bed railing and drawer handles.

Energizing Compact Bunk Bed With Desk Light Blue Color

An abundance of storage space made available with plenty of drawers and built-in open shelves.

  • Sturdy Bunk Bed with Stairs and Desk

A bunk bed with sturdy frames and an integrated desk, complete with a matching work chair. It’s really suitable for anyone with many activities, as it offers plenty of storage space for essential things.

Sturdy Bunk Bed With Stairs And Desk

It’s almost impossible to feel crumpled in a small space because this design still gives plenty of room for movements due to its light frames.

  • Cute White Bunk Bed Desk

This playful bunk bed offers a couple of brown cushioned sofa with a versatile integrated table in the middle. The multi-purpose lower area can be used for dining table, craft table, meeting table, or a simple study desk.

Cute White Bunk Bed Desk

It’s minimalist design and color allows for an endless combination of decoration and use.

  • Light Metal-Framed Desk Bunk Bed

For anyone who prefers to keep simple, this light metal-framed bunk bed with integrated desk can be the perfect option. Simply add an ergonomic chair to work in the lower area that provides enough space to store the essentials.

Light Metal Framed Desk Bunk Bed

Don’t worry about falling out of bed, because safety bars are equipped for your safety.

  • Wood Bunk Bed with Desk for 2 Persons L Shaped

Everything you need will be readily available within hand’s reach of this bunk bed design. It offers 2 sleeping area on the top, with the lower area functioned as a comfortable lounge with black cozy cushion, complete with a small cabinet to organize items.

Wood Bunk Bed With Desk For 2 Persons L Shaped

You can add an extra cabinet with drawers to provide more storage space.

  • Practical Rustic Wooden Bunk Bed with Desk

Bring warmth to the room with this rustic wooden bunk bed design. A completely practical lower area is equipped with shelving for books or decorative items and, most importantly, a keyboard drawer for your computer set.

Rustic Wooden Bunk Bed With Desk

Emphasize the design of this bunk bed with the use of white bedding sheet and a matching white rug on the floor.

  • Sophisticated Grey Bunk Bed with a Desk

A fully functional piece of furniture is quickly becoming a necessity to every modern home. This white and gray bunk bed comes with a design that will suit your sophisticated style; it has a straight clear line for frames and an ample of well-defined shelves for storage space.

Grey Bunk Bed With A Desk

Utilize the staircase drawer as a clever solution to minimize clutter. You can give a touch of color to the room with a green vintage patterned wallpaper.

  • Nostalgic Shabby Chic Bunk Bed and Desk

Give your old childhood bunk bed a new life; transform it into a shabby chic corner for your kids to sleep, study, and play.

Bunk Bed And Desk Nostalgic Shabby Chic Design

Repaint the whole bed with white matte finishing, combined with lime green and baby pink to highlight the drawers. Put on some lovely vintage bedding sets to the bed, for a complete shabby chic look.

  • Beige Solid Wood Bunk Desk Bed

Avoid sacrificing comfort for functionality with this ingenious design of bunk bed with built-in desk. The lower area solely dedicated as a practical study area, complete with a wallboard to attach files and notes, side shelving for books and plenty of drawers within hand’s reach to ensure maximum space efficiency.

Bunk Desk Bed Beige Solid Wood

Personal items can be stored in the staircase drawers and sports gears can be neatly organized on the open shelves right under the stair.

  • Stylish Solid Wood Double Bunk Bed with Desk

Dress up your room in nautical style without taking too much space with this stylish solid wood bunk bed, designed to fit two persons at the same time. Paint the bed with navy blue and layer the floor with matching medium-sized rug.

Double Bunk Bed With Desk Stylish Solid Wood

Show off your passion for the sea with some decorative nautical details, like a wooden sailing boat by the window and a lighthouse miniature on the built-in bunk bed desk.

  • Romantic White Cottage-Style Double Bunk Bed with Desk

Invite your guests to sleep over, and let them feel the romantic mood of this space-efficient bedroom. The centerpiece of the room is a laid-back white cottage style bunk bed that comes with a multi-purpose small desk that can be used for study or work.

Double Bunk Bed With Desk Romantic White Cottage Style

The use of natural colored bedding sheets and matching checkered rug under the bed makes for an overall romantic ambiance.

  • Exotic Dark Brown Wood Bunk Bed with Desk Underneath

Bring the wilderness of African savanah to the room with the help of this timeless piece of furniture that lasts for decades, a wooden bunk bed with integrated. Cover the better part of the floor with an animal print rug, and add an exotic tropical plant by the window to emphasize the theme.

Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath Exotic Dark Brown Wood

Have fun to mix textures and colors for pillow covers to add comfort to your bed.

  • Minimalist Beige Solid Wood Bunk Bed with Desk

Prop your room with the perfect furniture piece for the space-savvy – a multi-purpose minimalist bunk bed with built-in corner bed to provide your room with sleeping and working area all in one.

Bunk Bed With Desk Minimalist Beige Solid Wood

Manage the clutter and organize personal items within these integrated shelves and white drawers; it also has a built-in wardrobe to store your clothing.

Hopefully some ideas above can inspire you!

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