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Brick Home Designs Ideas for Patios

Here are some brick home designs ideas. Using bricks to decorate a home is a common thing. Bricks are an old material that has long been used in home constructions. You can make a patio made ​​of bricks since this structure is very suitable for your home exteriors (Read: Exterior Home Designs Ideas).

Before building a patio, you should know your taste and favorite design. It will determine the way you build the patio. If you have no idea how to get started, read home design magazines or read articles online.

Brick Home Designs Ideas

Next, you must determine the type of bricks to make the patio. There are a heap of bricks with their typical strengths and prices. Expensive bricks not only look exotic, but they are also generally more durable. You can save pictures of your favorite bricks and show them to a seller anytime you want to buy bricks.

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Sellers usually know what bricks you need only by showing pictures to them. Another thing is you need to consider the size of the grout line.

There are several different types of grouts you need to know, such as traditional grouts and sand. Making a layout should also be done before you enter the construction phase.

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A layout is made ​​to help you organize every item that you want to put inside it. If necessary, you can do a survey before starting a project. If there is not a foundation above the ground, you need to pour a concrete first. This is an important step to create a structure, be it a home, a patio, or another. Once you have calculated the number of bricks that you will need, go to a store to buy them.

Most home improvement stores sell bricks because these materials are still popular, especially for making traditional homes. Do not forget to buy concrete and grout as you need. If there is no a slab foundation over the ground, you will need to buy wood for framing.

How thick should a slab foundation be? It depends on how many people and furniture that you will put in the patio. 2 inch is more than enough for most patios, so you can go with this option. Bricks come in a number of colors.

Did you ever think of purple to decorate your home? If you like this color, then it’s no wrong to pick it. The following brick colors may suit your taste. Twilight taupe looks so beautiful and natural. This color is quite similar to sandstone. To get a more interesting sight, you can combine it with dark brown or green.

Wonderful Brick Home Designs and Ideas

Another gorgeous color is mist spirit. It can also be classified as natural and it will definitely be perfect for a patio. If you do not know how this color looks like, try to imagine marble.

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To make it more lively, you can mix it with white and dark brown. You may agree that frosty fog also is a marvelous color. This color is a bit gray, but has typical warmth that would make anyone comfortable. Chaps are also nice for bricks. You can use it to complement a dark-themed patio or home. Besides for a patio, you can also use them to build your home.

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