Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Black and white are two colors which are really advantageous, particularly in term of home interior designs. As both are neutral and natural, they can be used to balance and make the atmosphere look more comfortable. Especially, if you prefer using bright colors as the main theme, surely, you will need one of them a lot.

Black and white are contrasting each others. Yes, white is too light and soft, meanwhile, black is really dark. When they are combined, it can be such a good hue blending. If you are then already confused with the colors to be applied over your bedroom, it is a good decision to use the black and white at once.

Moreover, those can be matched well whether you have already implemented the modern decoration or probably vintage one.

Modern Designs

Of course, black and white color ideas are really good to be applied for your modern and contemporary decoration. Even, it is almost all contemporary furniture is available in such colors. For better result, you should use the white as the main color decoration and then the black is only used as the accents.

It is mainly if you think that your bedroom is not too large. Just like other modern and contemporary designs, you should better blend the colors with and furniture and items with simple designs. Simple here means there are not so many accents and details which can lessen the sense of minimalist and simplicity.

Rather than using the idea of black and white modern bedroom for kids or teenagers, it seems better if this idea is applied in the adult bedroom, whether it is single or couple. The reason is simple, it is less cheerful and too mature to be used for the younger people.

Vintage Style

In contrast with the modern one, vintage bedroom will let you add more details and accents like in the form of floral, lacy, polka dot, stripes and the others.

Well, talking about vintage style means we imagine such an interior design with many pastels and soft color application. But you should know as well, this style or design can also be matched well with any neutral color like black and white.

Even, to deepen the sense of vintage, it is okay to apply something like checkerboard accent like on the wall or floor. Since vintage style will have more details, it seems better if this idea is used in the larger room.

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