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Best Colors for Living Room

When you want to decorate and renovate a living room, of course, the color will be applied should be one of the considerations thought. Particularly if you have used a certain color before, it will be better to apply the others to change the atmosphere accentuated.

There are surely many kinds of colors that you can just apply. Each of them will have its own excess and also lack. Generally, the colors in term of interior designs can be divided into several types, they are the bright colors, soft colors and also the dark ones. it is good if you can combine several of them at once perfectly.

Well, in this page, you will find out the characters of those types of colors and how you can apply them well, so, just check them out.

Bright Colors

The bright colors can include red, yellow, orange, light green and the others. Why those can be categorized as bright colors is about the sense of bright and cheerful which are brought out. There are several advantages to be found when you are interested in applying one of those colors. it is that your living room will look more colorful and bright.

However, it is better to avoid using the colors if you think your living room is quite small since it can make it it simply look thermal and stuffy. It is better then to use any neutral colors such as white or cream and them use the bright colors as only the accents.

Soft Colors

In contrast with the bright colors, the soft colors offer you something warmer and more neutral, let’s say the pastels or other neutral colors like blue, mustard or caramel. Those ideas can be well-applied also in any type of living room whether it is narrow or big without being afraid of the sense of stuffy. Even, you can also combine several soft colors at once since it will not make the atmosphere look complicated at all. This idea is really good if you like to apply the vintage or classic designs.

Dark Colors

It is surely not good if you want to apply the dark colors in whole parts of your living room except if you want to make the atmosphere “really dark”. However, the touch of dark colors are still needed as the accents to make your living room livelier and not too monotonous.

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