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Bedroom Wall Decal: 14 Impressively Stylish Ideas

Remind yourself of the little things in life, with an inspiring wall decal on your bedroom. Spare some time to turn your bedroom into a stylish private sanctuary that reflects your personality and style.

Flip through our gallery of impressively stylish bedroom wall decal to save yourself both time and money before embarking on your next bedroom redecorating project.

  • Minimalist Bedroom with Wall Decal

Turn your bedroom into a tranquil and peaceful escape with minimum distraction. Trade your usual bed with a simple wooden low profile bed with built-in side tables.

Minimalist Bedroom With Wall Decal

For lighting, hang a couple of low ceiling lamp by the side of the bed. Simply lean your decorative paintings by the walls, and add wall decal above the headboard to remind you of all the good things in life.

  • Bedroom Wall Decals in Bright White Bedroom

If you prefer a clean and crisp look for your bedroom, start by painting the walls with the whitest white paint you can find.

Bedroom Wall Decals In Bright White Bedroom

Proceed furnishing the room with white-painted low profile bed with identically designed side tables on both sides. Place a black and white night lamp by the side table. For a personal touch, add your favorite quote wall decal above the bed.

  • Bedroom Wall Decal London Bridge

Nothing says bliss more than the use all-white furniture and bedding sets.

Bedroom Wall Decal London Bridge

Add a little fun to the bedroom with a city architecture wall decal by your headboard to create a playful illusion of sleeping under the hustle and bustle of a city.

  • Bedroom Wall Decal Always Kiss Me Good Night

Sleep your worry away with this custom built bed; bring this elegant low profile bed with attached side tables on both sides to your bedroom.

Bedroom Wall Decal Always Kiss Me Good Night

The asymmetrical headboard provides a floating shelf on one side and an additional drawer on the other side. Add an inspirational quote wall decal above the headboard to complete the whole look.

  • Wall Decal Bedroom in Grey Wall

We always love a wooden low profile bed; it brings a calming mood and can blend in seamlessly into any room decor.

Wall Decal Bedroom In Grey Wall

No need to add excessive decoration details, just simply add a couple of white slim vase and a beautiful quote wall decal.

  • Wall Sticker for Luxurious Small Bedroom

It doesn’t have to take too much space to create a luxurious bedroom. What you need is a white queen bed with classic Victorian design, a couple of matching side tables to be placed on both sides of the bed, with an elegant night lamp on top.

Wall Sticker For Luxurious Small Bedroom

Layer the floor with white textured rug and add a romantic quote wall decal to complete the whole look.

  • Bedroom Wall Sticker for Girl’s Teen Pink Bedroom

Paint your girl’s bedroom with a bright maroon paint, decorated with a sparkling quote wall decal.

Bedroom Wall Sticker For Girl’s Teen Pink Bedroom

Furnish the room with a lovely white single bed, and add a few pillows in various colors, patterns, and sizes.

  • Simple Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Make the most of your bedroom space with this exquisite bed – built with the combination of wooden frames and metal legs.

Simple Bedroom Wall Art Ideas Love

Place a side table with uniquely designed white lamp on both sides of the bed. Create a focal point by color block a part of the wall, and add a simple, timeless illustration wall decal above the bed.

  • Wall Art Bedroom Grey and Mint Green

A perfectionist might prefer their bedroom designed symmetrically. While it’s not particularly difficult to achieve, finding the right bed set can be tricky.

Wall Art Bedroom Grey And Mint Green

Here we have a custom-built low-profile wooden bed with an integrated space by both sides of the bed to place a night lamp. Place a beautiful quote wall decal of the bed to smoothen the look.

  • Romantic Lyric Wall Quotes for Bedroom Decal

Invite a romantic mood to the room by placing your favorite love song’s lyric wall decal with beautiful illustration above the bed.

Romantic Lyric Wall Quotes For Bedroom Decal

It will always be a reminder that you are blessed to be with the one you loves.

  • Bedroom Decal White Color in Black Wall Tree Design

We love this stunning bedroom with elaborate details that guaranteed to awe everyone. Layer the floor with a smooth gray medium rug and place the white-framed low bed with white skin headboard by the better side of the wall.

Bedroom Decal White Color In Black Wall Tree Design

Install a slim crystal chandelier by the side of the bed. Create a glow in the dark impression with a tree illustration wall decal on the black wall to create a dramatic effect.

  • Bedroom Wall Decal Ibrahimovich

Show everyone your passion for football with a silhouette of Ibrahimovich wall decal above the custom-built bed.

Bedroom Wall Decal Ibrahimovich

A good quality wall decal, if applied properly, will look like it’s painted on the wall.

  • Chic Bedroom Wall Decal

Don’t have that much space but still wanting to create a chic look for your honeymoon bedroom? Now worries, you play with decorative details to achieve your desired look.

Chic Bedroom Wall DecalChoose a bed with a timeless design that will last for years – and can be easily combined with other decoration theme – if you ever change your mind. Place a chic side table with mirror door by both side of the bed. Add a cheeky wall decal above the bed to complete the look.

  • Sweet Neutral Bedroom with Wall Decal

Make a small room appear larger by using neutral color scheme. Furnish the room with beige solid wood bed and with matching side tables.

Sweet Neutral Bedroom With Wall Decal I Love You More

Line the bed with neutral color bedding set and plush pillows. Place a romantic quote wall decal to sweeten the mood.

Hopefully our collections above will inspire you!

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