Bedroom Ceiling Lights: 14 Best Design Inspirations

The tone and ambiance of the bedroom are greatly determined by the illumination from your choice of ceiling lights. With the modern lifestyle, bedrooms are no longer strictly for sleeping. Many home owners prefer to do a light reading or maybe making their schedule before bed.

There are plenty ceiling lights that will not only illuminate the bedroom, but also features an aesthetic purpose to adorn the space.

Let’s have a closer look at our choice of bedroom ceiling lights for your inspiration.

  • Round Purple Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures Ideas

The ultra modern impression that beautifully exudes from the ceiling light above the bed will definitely capture every attention.

Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures Ideas Round Purple

It definitely went along well with the unique purple bench on the end of the bed.

  • Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Bedroom should be the place where kids can pour their creativity and free their imagination.

Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Facilitate the kids with creative tools and brighten up their bedroom with beautiful ceiling lights.

  • Elegant Bedroom Ceiling Lights Ideas

Having an elegant furniture to prop your bedroom will not be complete without an equally classy ceiling lights.

Bedroom Ceiling Lights Ideas Elegant

The home owner cleverly choose the tray ceiling design with white recess lights to illuminate the space beautifully.

  • Romantic Bedroom Ceiling Lights

The yellow ceiling lights are always a great choice, if you’re looking to create a romantic ambiance for your bedroom.

Bedroom Ceiling Lights Romantic

The home owner chooses to spread the focal light around the hexagonal tray ceiling to highlight different areas of the bedroom.

  • Starry Bedroom Lighting Ceiling

Whether you’re an astronomy aficionado or simply want your bedroom ceiling spark like a starry night sky, this ceiling lights arrangement can be your inspiration.

Bedroom Lighting Ceiling Starry Ideas

The round ceiling is filled with round recess lights, creating a star-like parade above your bed.

  • Strips Bedroom Lighting Fixtures Ceiling

This is a unique, simple, yet sophisticated alternative to illuminate a modern bedroom.

Bedroom Lighting Fixtures Ceiling Strips

There are strips of lamps along the crisp white ceiling, and you can choose to only light a few for relaxing vibe.

  • Unique Bedroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling

It looked as if someone made incisions on the ceiling to let out the light and illuminate the kid’s bedroom.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling Unique

We love the subtlety and how it can brighten up the space without having to install another lighting fixture from the ceiling.

  • Classy and Calm Bedroom with Simple Ceiling Light

Some people don’t go straight to bed and fall asleep as soon as their head touches the pillow, they need to slowly shut the body down with a relaxing time.

Bedroom With Simple Ceiling Light Classy And Calm

If that is you, a tray bedroom ceiling with sparsely arranged focal lights can be the perfect choice.

  • Exposed Beams Ceiling Bedroom Lights

The rustic feel from the exposed white beams above the bed contrasts the modern bedroom style, and the glow from the blue recess light further accentuate the feature.

Ceiling Bedroom Lights Exposed Beams

Have we mention that it also adds a stylish touch to the bedroom?

  • Plank Ceiling Lights Bedroom

The wall behind the bed is extending upwards to form a plank ceiling, where a few focal lights are placed.

Ceiling Lights Bedroom Plank

For decorative and functional purpose, a unique lamp is hanging from the ceiling, painting a beautiful silhouette on the wall when it’s turned on.

  • Focal Ceiling Lights For Bedroom

There’s a reason why more people are using focal lights to illuminate their bedroom. It’s because of the flexibility to highlight certain areas or build a certain mood.

Ceiling Lights For Bedroom Focal Light

When arranged carefully, the lights from the focal lamps can also be an element of decoration by itself.

  • Minimalist Cool Bedroom Ceiling Lights

For the love of simplicity, recess lights are the darling when it comes to bring a classy atmosphere to a bedroom.

Cool Bedroom Ceiling Lights Minimalist Design

The dim yellow light recessing from the tray ceiling and the wooden frame behind the bed will definitely suit your elegant taste.

  • Beautiful Lights For Bedroom Ceiling

Don’t you think this airy bedroom looked even more beautiful with the reflection of ceiling lights on the wooden floor?

Lights For Bedroom Ceiling Beautiful Design

White ceiling with simple design, and small lights to shine on every corner of the bedroom is what you need for your luxurious space.

  • Contemporary Modern Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Yet another black and white love affair that will definitely bring an aura of sophistication to the bedroom. It is enhanced with recess lights from the ceiling.

Modern Bedroom Ceiling Lights With Contemporary Ideas

The light started from the bottom of the bed and spread upward to brighten up the bedroom with style.

Not every bedroom need a hanging fixture to light the space; focal and recess ceiling lights are the best option to build a certain mood that will amplify your bedroom decor.

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