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Beautifully Natural Living Room

Everybody must be interested while hearing the word “natural”. Well, this word simply represents something beautiful, healthy, refreshing and the likes. But although it seems really good, in fact, there are not many people who apply the naturality within their life.

Of course, it is actually not something difficult to be back to nature in our daily life. One of them is by applying it in our home interior decoration. In this page, anyway, we will talk about the application of the nature within living room. Here are then several ideas you may practice, check them out.

More Plants

Since the basic concpt of this interior design is natural, of course, it means you have to apply more accessories and items which are natural, let’s say the plants or flowers. Well, if you notice well, the price of planthouses are not more expensive than other home accessories, therefore, you don’t have any reason to refuse this idea.

It actually doesn’t mean to put on so many flowers and plants on every corner of your living room. Some are enough and it should also be adapted with the size and situation of your home.

Woods and Stones

To deepen the sense of natural within your living room, you can also add other “natural” accessories, let’s say stones or wall garnish made from woods or bamboos. Just like the plants, the price for those accesories are not so expensive or depending on the quality offered. But rather than choosing other accessories, you can find them look more natural, refreshing and calming without lessening the sense of beautiful and elegant.

Since the main idea of this type of living room is about the nature, it seems better if the furniture used is on such idea as well. let’s say you can purchase sofa and coffee table which are made from wooden and bamboo. Besides, you can also select one of them which are in certain earthy colors like brown, green or blue.

More Glasses Application

It is surely something great and smart if you also have a garden outside. Well, if will be greater and smarter actually if your garden can also be enjoyed inside your house, including your living room. For realizing this idea, it means that you should use more glasses over the living room, whether it is in the form of windows or even as the wall. Don’t forget to equip it with curtain which can save you from the sunlight at noon.

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