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Beautiful 2015 Modern Home Designs

In the matter of home living, it seems that the modern style is that which is already popular. The reason is simple. Yes, recent days are modern days. Therefore, anything which has “modern” adjective can be really necessary. It is although there are actually so many other advantages you can just find by applying this idea. In this page, rather than explaining about how modern home interior design should be, it is more about what you can apply over your exterior. Well, in fact, you may not watch your exterior of your house too often. However, the exterior design applied will represent how the interior is. So, what are the stunning ideas for 2015 modern home designs? Just check them out.


For home design, whether it is exterior or interior, the term modern cannot be separated from the minimalist look and style. Even, you can just say that modern style is the minimalist itself. Minimalist exterior can be signed by the application of simple rooftop and wall decoration. It means that you should not too many “complicated” details like they do on the vintage or classic home design. In term of the top part, it is necessary as well not to put too many rooftop. Rather than making it look conventional, you can let your exterior look unique but of course still in minimalist way.

More Glasses

In order to deepen the sense of contemporary and even futuristic, it will be great to apply more glasses everywhere, mainly in the form of window. But of course, you should also trick it so that the large glasses will not let the sunshine enter your home as a whole. It is better to still remain large parts which are made from wall to cover up the interior. Besides, don’t forget to apply more curtains for this.

The Colors

There are many perspectives that associate the term modern exterior with any neutral colors. Indeed, such neutral colors like white or rustic brown can just add the sense of minimalist there. But if you want it is not matter with the colors you will apply. It is as long as the variation of colors is not too much. You can just combine two or three colors which are still in line, let’s say green and yellow or red and pink. Another important thing is still include the neutral one to nalance and warm the atmosphere.

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