Beadboard Bathroom: Smart and Beautiful Designs

Beadboard bathroom is a great choice for you who have a plan to build or renovate your bathroom design with limited budgets. It is great because of its strength and durability. It means you can just use it for longer time.

Meanwhile, it is blended well with any paint or wallpaper, the final result also tends to be more good looking. By remembering that your bathroom can be easily wet as well, you should make sure that your wall is strong enough.

That’s why if it is impossible for you to install brick wall, beadboard is more recommended. Yes, it is not fragile even if it is poured by water everyday.

  • The Country Vintage Design of Beadboard Bathroom

In term of design, of course, many of them are available. In nature, the application of beadboard is more about country or vintage design. It is mainly if you prefer choosing pastel colors like egg blue, white, beige, or mustard.

Country Beadboard Bathroom Walls For Small Space

To give its more natural look, you can add wooden ornaments on some parts. Wallpaper, in this case, is also necessary. Sure, it is much better if you apply a kind of classic patterned wallpaper like in floral or lacy accents. It is so cool as well if there are more than one color idea in one interior.

An even beadboard wall can just work well with two or more colors at once which are parallel horizontally. The more importantly, make sure that the painting an wallpaper is water resistant.

  • Classic Bathroom

And how about classic designed bathroom with beadboard? For this matter, we should be back to the nature of classic interior at first. It seems you have to provide a sort of larger bathroom which enables it to have more details without looking cramped.

Luxurious Classic Beadboard Bathroom Walls With Mustard Color

And just like the previous idea, the beadboad can be applied anywhere, whether it is for wall, as tile, or even on the ceiling. Classic European decoration will have color ideas similar to the vintage or country. But then details and accents in more traditional touch will be needed more here.

  • Modern Bathrooms

Okay, even if you notice it more, the application of beadboard for bathroom is mainly about classic or vintage design. So how about modern and contemporary one? It is still possible of course.

Modern Beadboard Bathroom Contemporary

The main important to be kept on your mind is that the nature of modern design itself as the representation of minimalism. Therefore, rather than having more details and accents, make sure that it has simple design and cutting.

For the beadboard itself, clear cutting and the minimizing of ornaments is more suggested. Besides, applying neutral or clear bright like red or sky blue is smart enough to deepen its minimalist side.

More Beadboard Bathroom Ideas with Pictures

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Finally, beadboard idea is a good thing to be applied whatever its width an height. Of course, it is because you seem still being able to save your money here.


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