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Astonishing Black and White Home Decor 2015

Both black and white are kinds of natural colors which contrast each others. Well, anybody must know it. those colors, in term of interior design, are often used to make the atmosphere look more neutral. As an example, you may use red as the main theme of your bedroom. As you know, red is too bright and it is impossible to apply it over the whole parts of the room since it will be too monotonous. For that matter, the black or the white is then being added. The presence of black or white will lessen the sense of monotonous and cramped over the room and of course, your bedroom is still in the red theme. Okay, that’s actually the main function of such neutral colors like black or white. But how if you only use the black and white over the home decor? Surely, it will be so stunning and astonishing, so, here are the ideas.

The first black and white home decor 2015 discussed here is those which bring out the modern or contemporary style. You should know that modern home interior style is particularly accentuating the sense of simple and also minimalist. It means that you should not add too many details like in the form of carving, floral accents, etc – except if you want it, of course. Black and white can then play well whit those characteristics. All you need to do is probably combining well the black and white, which one for the wall and floor and which one for the furniture. It is much better, of course, to use the white dominantly so that your rooms will not be too dark and cramped. Besides, as you use black as one of the main ideas, you should make sure also that the home decor already has such good lighting and ventilation.

Of course, the black and white home decor 2015 is also in line with what you call as classic or vintage style. Indeed, in this modern day, it seems that many people are still interested in this idea. The use of checkerboard accent is good for this. It is mainly if you want to accentuate the sense of majestic and mysterius over the home decor. Besides, wallpaper in lacy or floral accents is also really great for this matter. As vintage or classic decoration will let you to have more details, it seems better if it is applied on larger rooms.

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