Alluring Girls Bedroom Decor

Designing a bedroom for teenagers is actually something interesting. It is particularly if you have already related it to the gender, like whether the bedroom will be stayed by the girl or the boy. Of course, the characteristics of these two types of bedroom should be different. In term of the bedroom for girls, you may simply imagine such a bedroom with pink theme, with many lacy fabrics and accessories of dolls and flowers. Creating such a bedroom idea is something good, indeed, however, it seems no matter as well to try other ideas. Well, here are then several ideas you can use for realizing a beautiful girl bedroom decor.

Shabby chic design is good for having a really girly bedroom. It is mainly related a sort of bedroom designs with many application of lace and floral accents almost everywhere. Besides, the type of furniture used is also usually in vintage designs. One more, you can use certain colors in deepening the sense of chic, including the pink, cream, blushy green and other pastel colors.

If shabby chic tends to be more vintage, therefore, you can also try the design of modern and contemporary. It is mainly if the owner like something simpler but still elegant and luxurious. Besides, it seems that the contemporary bedroom is more flexible to be blended with any type of colors, whether it is the pastels or even the bright ones like neon. Another benefit of having such a contemporary and modern bedroom is that it looks good and comfortable to be applied whether the space you have is small or large.

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