8 Ideas of Modern Garden Design Based on Green Concept

Modern garden design in our house will increase attractiveness and pleasure in real. Indeed, presence of garden in our house is absolutely important. It is for adorning and presenting green situation. We can get advantage related to health regarding to this provision.

In addition to that, mostly each person takes pleasure in something beautiful. We can be fresh after seeing the sparkling situation of the garden.

8 ideas will be delivered below. The ideas below are reference to make our own garden more interesting.

  • Modern Garden with Artificial Waterfall

Nowadays, concept of nature is so popular.  By applying this concept to house located in city, it will give more oxygen. We know that in the city, the air is contaminated with pollution that can danger health of human.

Articifial Waterfall In Modern Garden Design For Increasing Attractiveness

Therefore, handing over artificial waterfall will bring about the nature situation.


It will be able to emerge coolness and freshness although we can actualize the really same situation with the nature of forest or jungle.

  • Garden Design with Full Grass

Grass is one thing that available in the garden. It is well-known as outstanding matter. It has function to support green concept which refers to this place.

Green Concept Of Modern Garden Design With Full Grass

In this way, definitely we must look for qualified grass. That is quite expensive as we are not permitted to pick the grass from forest since it is included wild grass that grows irregularly.

However, we are recommended to choose grass with high quality as an example, fine decorative grass which possesses nice view. Furthermore, as a matter of fact it can avoid global warming effect whether we carry out full grass concept.

  • Modern Garden Design with Incredible Faucet

To make sure quality of green concept we should often to pour water on grass and other adorable plants which are functioned for beautifying layout of this area.

Incredible Faucet Modern Green Garden Design

Afterwards, by providing the incredible faucet with great quality and captivating look, automatically we manage to pour water on those plants every day.


It is better if we do it in the morning. We should avoid to do it in the afternoon.

  • Modern Garden with Outdoor Dining Room

Currently, many people admire with the popularity of outdoor dining room.We can get fresh when we are eating such as having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Modern Design Of Garden Dining Room Idea With Pleasure

Besides we enjoy our meal that we are eating, we can enjoy beauty of garden around the dining room.

  • Garden Modern Design with Fish Pool and Secret Chamber

Fish pool is created to produce many fish. But for another reason, it can complete charm of the garden.

Modern Garden Design With Fish Pool And Secret Chamber

Adding a secret chamber near the fish pool is totally useful.

Wooden Floor Based On Sweet Modern Garden Design

We can use it as relaxing room for enjoying landscape of our garden.

  • Garden with Small Stones and Artistic Cut of Tree

Actually, when we do not really relish grass, we can change it to small stones for covering land. It is completely beneficial for treatment to set feet on those stones.

Modern Garden Design With Small Stones And Artistic Cut Of Tree

Then, we are hope to cut tree artistically in such a way that our garden will be so marvelous.

  • Modern Garden Design for Relaxing Place with Stairs

Relaxing place is not only in indoor room. We can relaxing in garden.

Relaxing Place In High Modern Green Garden Design With Stairs

With higher position of garden, we can be enjoyable. For this concept, stairs will be available to adorn appearance.

  • Garden Modern Concept with Rustic Seat for Chilling out

Rustic seat in the garden can be used to chill out or relax.

Rustic Seat Of Modern Garden Design For Chilling Out

We can forget our problem in school, office or anywhere by sitting down this seat installed in the garden.

Modern Garden Design Involving Wood And Floor

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