6 Easy Tips for Fancy and Healthy Outdoor Kitchen

The idea of outdoor kitchens is actually not something new. Despite having a kitchen placed inside our house, indeed, if there is still a remaining space it is better to have another one outdoor. The outdoor kitchen itself is not for being used everyday. But if we have to conduct a certain events at home like wedding or barbecue party, it is really helpful. The treatment for kitchen placed outdoor also tends to be different. And another thing important to do is how to keep it fancy and healthy. So, here are some tips and tricks for you.

Using Portable Kitchen Set

There is a reason why you should choose the portable than the fixed one. Of course, portable kitchen is easy to move and keep. Of course, there is probably one time that you will not need to use it for a long time. Keeping it outside is not good as your kitchen set can be easily corroded or something. The weather condition outside is also not always good so that as a result, it can be more fragile as well.

Quite Far from your Plants

Okay, it looks interesting if your outdoor kitchen is placed in the middle of garden. However, make sure that there is no plant round it since the smoke from fireplace can just damage them. Except, if you are sure that the plants are quite resistant.

Installing Pergola, Roof or Canopy

Letting your outdoor kitchen set under the rain or sunshine continuously is not a good thing. Sure, you must want them be more durable, mustn’t you? So, there is no other choice. You have to make a protection on it like by building a small pergola or gazebo or maybe a canopy. For long term outdoor kitchen, having your kitchen is covered by pergola or probably partial wall is much better. But if the outdoor kitchen is only used temporarily, well, canopy is enough.

Using Good and Qualified Materials

There is actually no reason for you for not using qualified materials whether it is for indoor or outdoor kitchen set. But for the outdoor one, the use of qualified materials is like a must. Like it has been explained in the previous point, there will be bad weather, rain, sunshine and even snow there. It is just a way to make sure that your outdoor kitchen can be more long lasting.

Clean it Regularly

At least once a week, you have to clean it mainly for certain parts like stoves, smoker, or fireplace. Moreover if you already have used it, it seems you must wash it.

Considering the Designs

In term of aesthetic, there are some designs that can be adapted for your outdoor kitchen. But it looks better if you make it in line with your house exterior or maybe pool and garden design. Minimalist outdoor kitchen will be better with modern exterior and so do the classic ones. Besides, some other ideas like tropical, natural, or rustic look amazing as well for this type of kitchen.

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