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5 Greatest and Most Likable Living Room Ideas in 2016

Along with time goes by, there are so many living room ideas invented and developed. Of course, it is due to us, human, who are getting more and more creative and innovative. Well, if you are capable of, you can also design and make your interior ideas yourself. If you are lucky, it can be more famous and demanded by many people. But if you are not yet having your own idea and in fact you plan to design or renovate your own living room whether it is for house or apartment, there are some likable ideas in 2016 that may inspire you. Check them out.

Modern or Contemporary Ideas

It is so relevant to choose this one. Despite it is what really popular recently, modern design also represents nowadays. Yes, you call todays as modern days, right? Anyway, modern interior equals with what so-called minimalism. It is when you accentuate the minimalism and simplicity yet luxury and elegance at once. Although this idea works better when your living room is quite large, it is appropriate as well for the small one. Small living room can be tricked by applying certain idea like sectional furniture while the large one tends to be more flexible. For more recommendation, the application of minimalist color seems appropriate like the placement of white or brown sofa.

Retro or Vintage Ideas

Little bit similar with contemporary design but it is more about the ideas some decades ago. The application of colorful wallpaper and furniture, posters, and photos with frame is really matched with this idea. Don’t forget about seating set with thin wooden feet which can deepen the sense of 60’s or 70’s. Blending retro and contemporary ideas is great as well. It is only about how you combine the colorful and minimalist accents inside the interior.

Classic Ideas

Surely, it is in contrast with the modern as its literal meaning. Although it seems so yesterday, in fact, it still has so many enthusiasts nowadays. The term classic interior itself actually has broader meaning as it represents many cultures and traditional ideas. But what popular today is the European one like Victorian, Italian, or French Country. See? Those are really luxurious and majestic in nature, just like the design for palaces and aristocrat houses.

Country and Rustic Ideas

Literally, they have quite different meaning and description. But once you apply them into two living room separately, the result is almost similar. Both are modest and coarse. But if you see country as a design with lighter rural and village idea along with its warm and friendly, on the other hand, rustic is more likely a jungle-inspired houses. Rustic style is unique and artistic in one point but it also gives dark and adventurous vibes.

Eclectic Ideas

Eclectic can be defined as the combination of many designs and ideas in which you only put the good ones each of them. Talking about eclectic design means talking about personal preference then. In short, you can add and remove something over a certain interior style which you think it looks better for this. Don’t forget to complete other stuff to make it more stunning like elegant furniture, fireplace and TV.

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