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5 Fancy Characteristics of Modern Interior Design and Decoration

Having a plan to apply modern interior design is such a good idea recently in this 2016. The reason is clear indeed. It is a really up to date design and idea. Besides, you must not be able to deny its looks of classiness and elegant. So, how can an interior type is called as modern or contemporary? Here are some characteristics that you should know before starting to bring it out.

Minimalist Design

There is no way a modern interior is far from the look of minimalist or simple design. It is called as simple doesn’t mean that it looks cheap and not prestigious. In fact, the simplicity applied over modern home interior can even your home living look more classy and elegant. In order to accentuate the minimalism here, you should make sure that your basic decoration has less details. If you want to make it look more beautiful some accents like clean lines or geometry made from gypsum are more recommended. Certainly, you should have the same thing to do for furniture and accessories.

Not too Much Color Combination

this point is still relevant to the minimalism mentioned above. Yes, it is okay with what kind of colors you want to presented. But they should not too many so that it lessens its look of minimalism. Make sure to deepen the sense of clean here whether it is for the living room, dining room, or maybe the bathroom.

Large Space

The fact that contemporary decoration is being more flexible to apply in any interior size must be relieving. It means that even if your living room or dining room is small enough you can make it work. But indeed, it looks more perfect if you have larger space. It is because you should still remain more space despite all the furniture or stuff. Therefore, the sense of minimalist can be still felt here.

Glass Application

Wood is the most often used materials for home interior, whatever the design itself. And the modern one it is so perfect also as long as it is designed in more minimalist way. But do you know how to make it look more and more modern and contemporary? It is by using glass. Well, the glass can be used mainly for large windows and some furniture.

Glossy Look

If you see two pictures of two interior designs, one is modern and another is classic, there are some clear differences. Not only is it about the minimalist one and the detailed one, but also the fact that modern interior tends to look more glossy. And that’s true, almost all furniture designed for modern interior are glossy to add more feeling of clean and of course minimalist.

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