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5 Best Ideas of Dining Room Sets Popular in 2016

In a good and healthy home living, the presence of dining room sets is like a must. Well, we can actually have dining or lunch in our living room or even bedroom. But surely, it is really not healthy. That’s why we have dining room after all. Anyway, despite of its function for the place for eating, it is not exaggerating if we should also consider the style and design they have. Therefore, we can find our dining room look more beautiful and elegant. So, do you know what are the best and the most popular ideas of dining set in this 2016? Check them out.

Contemporary Style

Okay, whatever the interior design and furniture we discuss, it seems we cannot not mentioning the term modern or contemporary style. Of course it is reasonable. Contemporary style is the symbol and representing nowadays. And for the case of dining room set, this style is really appropriate. Just like the others, contemporary style is more about the idea of minimalism. The application of glass and neutral colors like black and white can just make it look more elegantly contemporary.

Retro Style

A bit older than the contemporary style, now we have the retro idea. Okay, it is not so difficult to imagine how retro dining room set looks alike. The application of details and maybe neon colors is so damn beautiful here. This idea is actually such a combination between the modern and classic style which is popular around 60’s to 80’s. Applying retro design in this modern day is really unique yet artistic. So, don’t bother to try it.

Country Style

You can say that contemporary and retro styles are the representation of urban lifestyle although they come from different eras. Then, if you want the dining room look more modest and rural, it is not bad to try the country style. In fact, country style can also look stunning and refreshing. The ideas of neutral-pastel colors and old vintage furniture can just make your interior look more country. Interestingly, this kind of dining room set is also largely available in the stores.

Classic Style

Although modern and minimalist ideas become a hype nowadays, there are still many people who love make their home like a classic palace. Classic-style dining set tends to make the atmosphere of your dining room look more luxurious and aristocratic. What about the application of large rustic or round table with many seats. It can work much better then if you have a large dining room maybe with soma classic paintings there.

Eastern-Asian Style

Not all famous ideas are coming from the west. If you notice more, Eastern Asia like Japanese or oriental also gives you some stunning and elegant ideas. How about having a low dining table with some pillow for seating? Well, it looks so unique, simple, but also refreshing at once.

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