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5 Best Designs and Ideas for Dining Room Chairs in 2016

Talking about dining room interior design and furniture, we cannot be far away from thinking about dining room chairs. In nature, it is actually only a stuff where we can sit down there and then eat properly. But of course, we cannot ignore the term of design. In fact, a good selection of chairs can make the dining room in general look more beautiful and even elegant. It is not exaggerating then to think more about the designs and ideas of furniture particularly the chairs themselves. Well, this year, there are some designs that you should consider to apply. Check them out.

Contemporary Designs

For you the lovers of contemporary architecture, it seems not complete if you are not using contemporary chairs for dining room. Just like other furniture designed for modern designs, the chairs must be designed in minimalist and simple ways in nature. It is like the application of plain and less-engraved structure and even neutral colors. Oh well, this kind of chairs can look perfect if you combine it with simple-designed table whether it is made from wooden or glass.

Classic Designs

If there is contemporary design, there must be the classic one which is in contrast. And yes, we can call a sort of furniture as classic if it house traditional touch there. Commonly the traditional touch is presented by the application of engraving and also curves. It depends on the culture to be brought out of course. Classic European must be different from classic oriental. Undeniably, the term classic furniture and chairs more refer to the European idea. However, if you want your dining room look more unique and different, Asian, Indian, or western style is great also to be tried.

Country Designs

Country design and idea is more related to the western or American style anyway. Ideas like cowboy, farmhouse, and even rustic really deal with it. Therefore, you can see that in general, the furniture design including tend to look simple, modest, but also coarse. Wood and bamboo are the main materials for this idea by maintaining ist natural color and structure. And this is what makes this idea is really unique. For chairs of dining room, country idea will deepen the sense of classic but also simple like the application of wooden lines on the back.

Vintage Designs

Sometimes, we may be confused by the difference between country and vintage designs as they are often quite similar. Actually if country represents the sense of village or rural, on the other hand, vintage is more about classic urban idea. You can also call it retro as it deals with ideas during 60’s to 80’s. Vintage chairs are then signed by the application of classic structure with colored fabric upholstery or the addition of arm. Interestingly, this kind of furniture work perfectly as well when you combine it with modern interior.

Eclectic Designs

If you are so puzzled with what the best ideas for chairs anyway, you can start the eclectic designs. Well, eclectic is the combination of many designs in general. But yes, from those designs, there are only the best one which is picked out and applied. the result? Of course, it can be realy stunning.

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