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4 Gorgeous Designs for Your Dining Room Chandelier

To beautify your the decoration more, installing a sort of dining room chandeliers looks like really needed. Of course, if we only think about how to lighten the room, we can just use simple and ordinary lamp. Meanwhile, a chandelier can be functioned much more than that. Therefore, it is not exaggerating if for a stuff namely chandelier, the design is everything. And yes, there are so many designs and ideas that can sweeten your dining room interior more.


Many people may think that applying something in traditional design is already not relevant at all. Whereas, traditional doesn’t always mean out-of-date. One of the evidence is regarding the chandelier design and idea. Traditionally, chandelier is indeed made from some candles arranged at once and then placed on a flat surface before it is being hung on the ceiling. And you can actually still use this concept. Of course, you should then use some bulbs as the substitution of candles. And then, for the placement itself you can use wood or bamboo to deepen the traditional look. Oh well, if you talk about this type of chandelier, it is actually really similar with other designs, they are rustic and country.

Classic Design

There is one idea named traditional and another one is classic. Sure, they are literally just the same or at least similar. But when it comes to interior decoration including chandelier, classic has more sense of classy and prestigious. Well, it is just like what you commonly see in the palace or aristocratic houses. In general, we can refer classic chandelier to the designs of old European. And to deepen its prestige, classic chandelier can be made from crystal or high-quality glasses.

Vintage or Retro Design

Well, it is actually the development of classic chandelier. In some ways, you can still find it really look classic but there is a touch of modernity as well. Too many accents and details are not already the priority here. Although there are still some curves and engravings there, vintage chandelier tends to look more modern and minimalist as well.

Modern Design

If we talk about what kind of chandelier with many enthusiasts nowadays, this one can be the best answer. No more traditional details and accents however it still looks elegant and classy. There are some kinds of chandelier which are focused on the minimalist design. Indeed, in this term modern equals with minimalism. It means that the chandelier itself is only made adapting certain simple shapes like square, rectangular, round and and others with transitional lamp placement. But interestingly, there are many others which adapt unique and even irregular shape. And you should not be surprised that those irregular ideas are considered the more classy and elegant ones. Sure, for the better look, you have to match it with minimalist dining set as well.

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