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4 Designs and Ideas of Dining Room Tables Cool for 2016

Not all people concern dining room tables as much as the tables for living room. In fact, dining room is often not noticeable except if you let it be placed near the living room and without any furniture. However, you have to admit as well that dining room table is less important. Meanwhile, when we talk about the designs, there are various ideas you can apply. Of course, each of them has its own beauty and uniqueness that you may adore. So, check them out.

Modern Dining Room Table

No one can deny that modern furniture is now on its peak of popularity. Indeed, it is due to the fact that we call today as modern day, so anything with modern adjective tends to look more up to date. This is also another reason why you should not ignore the importance of this design. Modern dining room table in general is focused on the minimalist idea. It means that the table itself along with the chairs are produced in simpler designs without too much detail not accent. Despite of its minimalism and simplicity in nature, you can still find it really look luxurious and elegant. That’s the uniqueness of modern design anyway.

Modern table may look appropriate if it is square or rectangular. However, many of them are now designed in round shape. Round table refers to classic style in nature. But then if you blend it with minimalist design, you will not see any classic style there.

Classic Dining Room Table

If there is a modern design table, there must be the classic one. and although classic ideas like Victorian or French Country are quite old, undeniably, there are so beautiful and artistic as well. Mainly if you have a large dining room and you want to make it look more glamorous and prestigious, applying classic dining room table along with the chairs is more appropriate.

Rustic and Country Design

Rustic and country furniture is similar from one to another. But indeed, country style tends to be lighter and warmer than the rustic. Rustic design, on the other hand, is more focused on the look of natural. Therefore, don’t be surprised if rustic idea has much coarser surface, mainly if you see it at a glance. Meanwhile, for both ideas, the use of wooden or bamboo as main materials are suggested.

Retro Design

Retro has similar meaning with vintage literally. Well, this is defined as an old style but still considered as modern. However, rustic dining table actually doesn’t have an exact characteristics since it is between classic and modern style. But indeed, the application round wooden table matched with some colored chairs is so suitable for this idea.



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