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3 Piece Living Room Set for Small Space

Arranging living room as well as possible is surely something important. Not only is about the use of living room as the place for welcoming guests, it seems as the home owners, you need to feel comfortable as well. However, the realization of good living room arrangement often faces problems, one of them is regrading the living room space which tends to be small and narrow. If it is your problem also, there should be many things to be considered to solve it. One of them is by selecting furniture which is small and minimalist as well. Based on that fact, it seems that using 3 piece living room set is a good answer.

What is 3 piece living room set? It mainly refers to a set of sitting furniture which consists of three pieces of chairs and a coffee table. This idea is really appropriate for your small living room since it will not spend too much space. Of course, there are actually so many ideas brought by this type of living room furniture, related to the size. Therefore, for your small and narrow living room, it is suggested to you to select a kind of 3 piece living room set in which the size of each is smaller also.

This idea is also available in any style and color. To make your living room look minimalist and not too complicated, the contemporary furniture will be more appropriate. On the other hand, it is no matter if you want to have the vintage one with much detail. But, you should make sure that the atmosphere inside will be still beautiful and comfortable.

Just like selecting other types of furniture, the materials used should also be considered well. if you have more budgets, it is certainly no matter to select the 3 piece living room set which is made from qualified materials, sucha as the teak or mahogany woods. As you probably know, these two kinds of woods are stronger and more durable so that they will be suitable for long-term usage.

On the other hand, it is no matter to select any kind of wood, if you think you have a habit to change your furniture every year. Another tip for your small living room is, you should avoid using a kind of furniture with bright colors. it is better to select the soft ones since they will make your room look warmer and more comfortable.

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