3 Models and 5 Mixers of Brass Bathroom Faucets for Adorning Sink

Brass bathroom faucets are really durable and strong. Besides that, these faucets can adorn a sink in bathroom because of the owned beauty and of course, consideration of people to prefer the brass faucet is regarding to quality of material and appearance which is really astonishing.

In common, brass is defined as a yellow metal which is constructed from zinc and copper as well as this material has strength which refers to durability and beauty. Indeed, available specialty of this material is reason why the most people take pleasure in choosing this material and application of this material to faucet installed in sink which is located in the bathroom is very exact. In this part, we are going to know kinds of model and mixer tap.


Currently, we will not necessary to worry in selecting faucet for our bathroom. Occasionally there are many experiences of many people that find bad quality of the faucet, as the result it cannot be long lasting. Automatically they must expend money again to purchase a new faucet for the room and this matter will be less efficient. Actually, whether they want to buy brass faucet, they will get advantage relevant to durability and beauty and definitely they will not be disappointed.

Brushed brass faucet constitutes type which is often found in many public places such as restaurant, bathroom in mall, hotel, and many more. As a matter of fact, due to brass which is brushed, it has darker color than other types but as view it appears absolutely adorable and captivating whether this brass faucet type is set up in our sink in our own bathroom.

Later on, polished brass faucet also has sparkling form which can attract people’s attention to pick it as their faucet. For this type, it seems yellow since it is deliberately given additional liquid to beautify layout in order that it appears yellower and more marvelous.

For antique brass faucet, it is usually carried out in classic home design and it brings about uniqueness which is indeed characteristic of this design. As we know, the classic design prioritizes antique concept and surely this brass faucet is so suitable for this home design as well as users of sink will be extremely joyful when they see the attractiveness in real.

Mixer tap

It is a device which is functioned for controlling flow of water and nowadays it has variant how to control water. There are 5 types of the mixer tap such as turning mixer, up mixer, down mixer, twin mixer, and hot and cold mixer. Firstly, it is relevant to how to switch on and off the flow of water by turning the mixer tap. Secondly and thirdly, it is also related to way how to control switching on and off and regarding to up mixer in this way we must be push up this equipment to open the flow, meanwhile we must push down to turn on the water.

In addition to that, about the twin mixer, it has double mixers in which it locates among main faucet and then, about hot and cold mixer, it shows that it has different kind of water, namely hot and cold.


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