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2015 Small Home Design Tricks

Having small house is often being a big problem for many people. It is mainly if the people must stay inside is so many and there are also many items must be placed inside. For that matter, it seems better to consider the size of the land you will buy with the number of family members will be stayed in. Besides, the arrangement inside the house should also be thought more. Actually, there are so many ideas and tricks you can just apply in order to make your small house look larger and more comfortable. Well, as it is 2015, you may call the design as 2015 small home design. So, what are the ideas included in the 2015 small home design, just check them out.

Contemporary Style

When your house is small enough, it will be better for you to apply any modern or contemporary style rather than the clasisc one. Why? It is because the contemporary style tends to be simple and minimalist without too many accents and details anywhere. It is of course different from the classic style in which its main characteristics are about the carving, curves, and any other classical details. A good thing about the contemporary style is that it is really popular nowadays. So, why don’t you try it.

Neutral Colors

Well, if the space of your house really limited, unfortunately, you should not forget your plan to apply any bright or probably dark colors. In other word, any neutral colors like white, ivory, or the pastels are more recommended. But you should not worry, you can still use your favorite bright colors like red, yellow, or orange as long as they are only as the garnish or accents. And wait, one more thing, certain natural and refreshing colors like green or blue is still able to match your small house without making it look cramped.

Choosing Well Your Exterior and Interior Items

As your house is already small, you must avoid purchasing too many furniture. Besides, the size of furniture should alos be considered well. In other words, just choose them which are really necessary with your home and choose them which are really needed. It is better as well not to put too many ornaments and souvenirs inside. You can just replace them with plants which can make your home feel more refreshing. Don’t forget to have large windows that can make the interior look larger and relaxing.

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