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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eye Spy

Don't cry for me, Argentina. Man Ray's "Tears"

My darling cousin who runs races that last for miles and miles, chases bad guys and has a permit for at least two guns turned me on to a recent article about Latisse in the Wall Street Journal. At first glance, it seemed someone must have been paying the newspaper to write a really awesome advertorial on lash enhancement. But as I read on, Derm and Latisse consultant Dr. Richard Glogau's* comment stood out: "I've seen women who can't wear sunglasses without their eyelashes brushing the lenses."


Prettier peepers without the flaking and damage extensions can cause or the daily sweep on/wipe-off makeup routine, in exchange for a little wear and tear on my shades?

That's such an easy swap--I won't even have to bat an eye over it.

Twiggy: Time is on her side.
* All opinions expressed here are Speed Chic's own. However, in the interest of full disclosure, when I went back to check the wording on the quote I was interested in, I realized it was said by my husband's uncle!  Very small world in the land of beauty boosts.


  1. Oh, lash sigh. I've been wanting to try a lash lengthener for a while. Dreams of giant Bambi eyelashes..... Thanks for coming to visit me yesterday for my SITS day!

  2. I LOVE Latisse! Totally worth trying it out, and the dr. office I purchased mine from in CT offered buy 1 get 1 free, and then they gave me 2 $25 off coupons! It was an amazing deal for 2 bottles of this stuff. I started in October and haven't opened my second bottle yet. The solution definitely will last longer than the manufacturer's suggested amount of time. How they suggest you use it actually is a waste of the precious product! I hope you get the results you long for.


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