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Monday, December 19, 2011

Time for a Pick-Me-Up (as in Picking My Butt Up Off the Couch)

For the cost of a really nice pair of designer shoes I got 8 sessions at the gym with a personal trainer. I go with another mom from the nursery school and we do an hour session a week with a young ex-military guy.  He doesn’t comprehend why I have never bothered sweating it out before. He is obsessed with posture, and with working on what we can’t see (i.e. one’s entire backside) – two things that never crossed my mind, as I’ve always done just enough to look decent in clothes.

Today, my impetus has changed. I’ve got my man (thanks Honey!), I’ve had the dream wedding, and now I have two high-energy boys that think it’s fun to cannonball off the couch. (After a trip to the ER, we have all realized that is a bad idea—and have signed up for boys’ gymnastics instead).

One of my sons had a lot of challenges at a young age, and he is my inspiration for not giving up in the face of adversity. He is four and the youngest member of his Taekwondo group. He can do ten push ups and ten sit-ups. He can break a board with his elbow, fist, and foot. When he first started, he couldn’t tolerate the itch of the uniform against his skin, wasn’t able to follow the master’s directions, and literally climbed the walls during class. At the time, it was pretty painful to watch and probably not that much fun for him to do. However, after a lot of hard work in this and other areas of his life, he will have a promotion test for his seventh belt next week.

So when I’m slogging to the gym on a day when I couldn’t be bothered, or when my trainer is telling me to imagine being able to eat even more dessert or slip into a new swimsuit, I only have to picture my son’s face set in fierce determination, or better yet—laughing hysterically with his pals in their crisp white uniforms, and I can hold that plank for thirty more seconds or do five more split squats.

I know we all have challenges--especially at home and with our children.  So let's get out there and sweat off that pumpkin pie.  It's a new year, and we're busy mommies but never forget--we can be as marvelous as we wanna be.

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