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15 Creative Bunk Bed for Kids Room

Give your kid’s room a creative makeover with colorful bunk beds design.

With a small space, a little creativity, and lots of colors and shapes, you can create a room to fulfill your kid’s fantasy and simultaneously stimulate their senses.

  • Kids Bunk Bed with Initials

Personalize it with initials of their name on the side of the bunk bed.

Kids Bunk Bed with Initial MBA_White Soft Green Blue Orange Color Combination

Maximize use of space with built-in drawers under the bed and decorative shelves to put their favorite toy figure.

  • Kid’s Bunk Bed with Stairs

This is a brilliant space-saving idea, to utilize every stair step with hidden drawers to store clothing, toys or school supplies.

Light Grey Bunk Bed for Kids in Sporty Kids Bedroom

Consider adding sporty wall decal to add a playful accent.

  • Wooden Bunk Bed for Kids

You would love this wooden bunk bed, as it would be easy to combine with any colors of the bedding set.

Dark Brown Wooden Kids Bunk Bed with Stairs and Modern Design

The stairs are secure enough with bars around it, and you can also add a set of built-in drawers on the side for some storage space.

  • Classic White Bunk Bed For Kids

Free their imagination with the classic white bunk bed with stairs.

Classic White Bunk Bed For Kids In Colorful Theme Bedroom

Use the stair steps as a storage drawer to store their favorite plush toys.

  • Vibrant Orange Bunk Bed

Include a slim locker and a cabinet with the kid’s bunk bed for them to store their sports gears.

Orange Color Bunk Bed for Kids

Pump up their spirit with the use of bold orange paint.

  • Neutral Kids Bunk Bed

If you like to keep up with your kid’s constantly changing favorite color or cartoon figure, a neutral bed bunk in beige would be a perfect choice.

Neutral Color Kids Bunk Bed in Orange Kids Bedroom Scheme

Additional side shelves provide enough room to store items they use daily.

  • Bunk Bed with Slide for Kids

Bring the outdoor fun to the room with the super cool bunk bed.

Kids Bunk Bed with Slide and Private Toy Room Underneath

They can slide out their bed in style, straight to the private toy room underneath.

  • Simple Bunk Bed for Kids

Maximize more space with this timeless alternative of bunk bed design for kids.

Kids Bunk Bed Ideas_White Color_Simple Design

It has open side shelves for story books and their favorite toys.

  • Sweet Purple Bunk Bed for Kids

Older kids need more space for their personal items and schools supplies.

Purple and Beige Color Combination of Bunk Bed for Kids

Try the purple-beige combination for your kid’s bunk bed, complete with additional open shelves and a small cabinet for extra storage space.

  • White Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer as Storage

This ideas is another version of a timeless white bunk bed for older kids.

Kids Bunk Bed White Color with Storage

As their activities grow, you might want to add an extra reading light on the side of the bed. You can also use the space under the bed for more space-saving storage space.

  • Versatile Bunk Bed for Kids

When your kids get older, it’s time to provide them with more space to keep their stack of books and school supplies.

Kids Bunk Bed Neutral Color with Storage in Blue Kids Bedroom

This is the perfect bed bunk that has successfully maximized space with functionality without sacrificing comfort.

  • Sophisticated Kid’s Bunk Beds

If you’d like to keep it compact, try the design with a combination of wood and steel railings for kid’s bedroom.

Simple and Small White Bunk Bed for Kids with Steel Railing

It has a strong, sturdy frame with a sophisticated appearance that can be easily combined with any other decorative elements in the room.

  • Angry Bird Ideas Kid’s Bunk Bed

Who doesn’t love angry bird? The kids will love this one idea for sure!

Angry Bird Theme Kids Bunk Bed_Blue and White Color

A unique bunk bed with curvy frame and simple stairs can be your option to decorate your kid’s room.

  • Functional Bunk Bed for Kids

Make sure your kids sleep comfortably in the comfortable bunk bed.

Kids Bunk Bed for Small Kids Bedroom with Neutral Color and Storage

It’s propped with many open shelves and a large sliding drawers to keep the clutter under control. An ideal choice for kids rooms with small space.

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  • Cute Bed Bunks for Kids

A very cute bunk bed design with the sides of the upper bed safely secured with safety bars.

Cute White Kids Bunk Bed Design

The lower bed have rolling wheels that will come in handy to change the bed’s orientation. And of course, the stair steps doubles as a set of drawers for storage. Excellent design.

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