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14 Inspiring Home Decor and Ideas

We know, deciding which theme to use to decorate your home isn’t always easy.

Remember the saying, home is where your heart is? Well, it’s true, your home should be a reflection of your own personal style, and most importantly, your personality.

Take a look at these inspiring ideas here to help you decide which one is your perfect fit.

  • Beautiful Back-To-Nature Home Decor

Everything for this idea makes you feel like you’re surrounded by all the beauty nature can offer.

Beautiful Home Decor with Back To Nature Theme

Try to combine various colors and shapes from the nature to build your decor; stone-covered fireplace, sand-colored rug, wooden floor and ceiling, and some tropical plants. Remember that abundance of natural lights and air flow plays an important part of this design.

  • Carefree Bohemian Home Decorations

Find bliss in this perfect theme for the free-spirited. Decorate your home bohemian-style with colorful layers of prints, colors, and shapes.

Bohemian House Decorating Ideas with Woven Carpet_Rattan Side Table_Contemporary Round Glass Coffee Table

Show off your artworks and memorable tokens from your adventures. Don’t be afraid to combine various textures like rattan side table, woven fabric, or wooden frame to achieve the carefree look you want.

  • Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

If you’d like to keep your options open to changes, you might want to try a contemporary design for your home.

Contemporary Home Decor White Wall Scheme and Light Grey Corner Sofa L Shape

Start with minimalist-style furniture in basic tone, and you can add more color as you go. This is an excellent choice if you prefer a home with less furniture and more space.

  • Charming Country-Style Home Decor

You don’t have to go back to the old times to live in a country style home.

Country Style Home Decor with Stone Covered Fireplace as Focal Point

Use the stone-covered fireplace as a focal point, and surround it by comfortable chairs and sofas for everyone to gather around; also add some “wild” decorative elements like faux bear skin or buffalo head statue.  Feel like sitting by that fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate right now?

  • Cozy Home Decor

Don’t get stuck on a certain color palette or furniture set, combine a little bit of everything to create a cozy home.

Cozy Home Decor_Big Grand Piano_Ivory Sofa_Large Carpet and Big Windows

Put that grand piano in the living room for everyone to enjoy, while they admire your art collections in comfy sofas.

  • Luxurious Home Decor and Designs

An elegant crystal chandelier is the cardinal rule of a luxurious home.

Luxury Home Decorations with Elegant Crystal Chandelier and Best Furniture Sofa also Persian Rug

Show your elegant taste with only the finest quality furniture to decorate your house; frame your large windows with the best velvet curtains, and layer your marble floor with a high-quality Persian rug.

  • Sophisticated and Modern Home Decor

A modern home decorations, perfect for everyone who prefers to keep it simple yet sophisticated.

Modern Home Decor with Black White Combination Wall Ideas and Contemporary Furniture

Decorate and embellish your interior with sleek and modern furniture in monochrome color.

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  • Nautical Home Decorations

Bring the adventure from the sea to your home with decorative details in a classic nautical palette of red, white, and blue.

Nautical Decorations for House using Red Sofa and Treasure Box as Coffee Table

Get creative and steal this clever idea to use an old “treasure box” as a coffee table. Aye aye, sir!

  • Retro Home Decorating Ideas

You can’t miss for rocking wooden chair; decorate your modern house with some retro touch from decorative details like the wooden chair set.

Retro Style House Decor_Wooden Rocking Chair_Bright Scheme Room_Modern Chair

And the low coffee table with wheels? Yes, please!

  • Rustic Home Decor

You can apply this theme to every room in your house with decorative wood panel walls, and some dark colored furniture, like a large leather sofa or wooden side table.

Rustic Home Decor with Wooden Pallet Wall Ideas

Show your personal touch with some granny crochet cushion cover.

  • Bright Scandinavian Home Decor

A bright Scandinavian house is recognized by the use of white for almost everything.

Bright and Simple Scandinavian Home Decoration Ideas with Light Color of Wooden Floor

Furnish your house with simple and functional furniture to further emphasize the solid elegance of your home.

  • Shabby Chic Home Decorations

Who hasn’t heard of shabby chic? This sweet and romantic home decor style quickly becomes a trend that everyone loves.

Shabby Chic Home Decorations with White Furniture and Flowery Accent

For the basic shabby chic look, use white furniture with soft flower accent and decorative details with “undone” look. You can actually save money by making your own shabby chic decorations for your home, the possibilities are endless.

  • Urban Home Decorating Ideas

Urban style home decorating ideas has been a growing trend for small houses and apartments. Use open floor plan to maximize space.

Urban Home Decorating Ideas with Wooden and Metal Combination for Small House and Apartments

For furnishings, combine steel appliances with wooden decorative elements to bring a homey feel and create your own escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Vintage Home Decor

Loving the old time? Make your trip back to the past with this lovely vintage home decorations.

Vintage Home Decor with Vintage Sofa and Coffee Table in White Wall Paint

Furnish the room with an eclectic mix of materials in the same color. Plan your trip to the thrift store to find some old goodies, like the lovely vintage coffee table, for your home.

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