13 Charming Garden Designs and Decor to Beautify Your Front Yard of House

Transform that dormant space in front of your house into a beautiful garden. Decorate it with your favorite plants and flowers to enhance the entrance to your front door. We can never get enough of refreshing and eye pleasing greeneries.

Here’s our 13 garden designs and decorating ideas for your front house you can try :

  • Colorful Flowers for a Quaint Garden Decor

A lovely front entrance deserves to be beautified with colorful flowers. Use a plant hanger and fill the pot with lovely violet flowers to mesmerize every passerby.

Purple Yellow and Green Flower Garden Designs and Ideas in Front of Your House

Plant a handful of sunflowers, and let it bloom in a bright glossy pot by the brick wall. Let the shrubberies grow with their own way to create a quaint entrance that leads to your front door.

  • Exquisite Japanese-Inspired Garden Designs

An exquisite garden decor that will fit for anyone who prefers to keep it simple and organized. Welcome your guests with calmness and tranquility as they pass the front gate through rows of neatly trimmed greeneries to reach the front door.

Japanese Garden Design Ideas Front of House Simple Asymmetry Decor

A Japanese aesthetic principle of landscaping is also shown with the asymmetry of the garden, with no single feature dominating the view.

  • Charming Low-Maintenance Garden

Ever feel that your house looks dull and lacking greeneries? Go creative and make growing art with your front yard as the canvas.

Low Maintenance Garden Decor and Designs using Flowers Bushes Shrubberies

Use flowers, bushes, shrubberies and plants that does not require too much maintenance other than routine watering and occasional trimming.

  • Beautiful Flowers for Your Front Garden

Flower are restful to look at, they have neither emotions nor conflict – A very true quote from Sigmund Freud that could inspire you to add more flowers to your garden.

Colorful Flower Garden Designs and Ideas for Your Front Yard in Your Small Home

Create excitement to an ordinary house with a display of colorful flowers right in the front door. Make a staged area in the garden for your pots of flowers, you can also hang it on the porch and bring smile to everyone who enters your secret paradise.

  • Lovely Brick House with a Charming Garden

Add a touch of artistic charm to an already lovely brick house with some greenery.

Brick House with Corner Yard Garden in Front of Home using Soft Green Grass and Shrubberies also Flowers

Cover half of the garden with soft green grass and plant a mix different size and colors shrubberies and flower plant to make the front garden looks livelier without any clutter.

  • A Flower Corner for Your Garden

Spare a corner in your front yard to make a dedicated flower corner. While it might not be easy to outshine the charm of the red front door, it’s really possible to feast the eyes of every passerby with delightful colors of your favorite flowers.

Garden Flower Ideas in Corner and Front of House Nice Design with Window Box Planters

Further, enhance the beauty of your garden by planting window box planters for your multi-color flower.

  • Elegant Garden Decor with Topiaries

A classic American-style house should always be elegantly decorated. What better ways to create awe everyone, other than a display of immaculately pruned topiaries in the front yard?

Elegant Garden Design Front of Home with Topiaries and Great Shapes Arrangement

Experiment with shapes and try a different one every now and then to constantly renew the look of your garden.

  • Symmetrical Garden with Wall Ivy

A perfectionist would really dig this garden arrangement. Use the front door as the anchor, then split it into two equal parts with identical decor and stage the flowery plants right by both sides of the porch.

Symmetrical Garden with Wall Ivy in Front of House Beautiful and Cute Ideas

And whoever said that wall ivy only bring eerie feelings to a house, would have to take a look at this one, regularly trimmed wall ivy could create a dreamy look to any house.

  • Simple Garden Decor

Greet your guests gracefully with the simple garden decor plan.

Simple Decor Ideas for Garden in Front of House with Nice Walkway

Frame your walkway with the neatly placed plant. Fill the empty space by your front wall with a mix of shrubberies and flower plants. Spill your creativity into your garden over time to make it more appealing.

  • Elaborate Garden Decor for Your Home

Find serenity and harmony in the lovely decorated garden.

Elaborate Garden Front of House with Modern Design using Decorative Stones and Soft Green Grass matching with Wooden Staircase Porch

Surround the mini-amphitheater with soft green grass, and spare a little space to be filled with beautiful decorative stones amongst the plants to complement the wooden staircase magnificent wooden staircase and porch.

  • Neatly Decorated Front Garden

A front garden should always complement the house, if not emphasize its character. Achieve an elegant look for your garden without excessive decoration, by carefully planned landscape design.

Neatly Decorated Garden Beautiful Design Front of House with Red and Yellow Flower also Green Grass

A mix of neatly trimmed shrubberies and flower plant should be able to help you achieve the desired result.

  • A Private Park in Front Of Your Home

If you live in an urban area with no park nearby but you have a dormant space in your yard, why not decorate it and make it your own private park?

Private Area in Your Front of Yard with Simple Garden Design complete with Round Fish Pond also Small Black Garden Benches

Welcome your guests with a beautiful round fish pond, and have heartfelt chat on those small, black garden benches with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand

  • 3-Steps Garden Designs and Decor

A perfect garden design should be able to adapt to any condition; don’t let a slanted land be a burden to achieve your dream garden decor.

Three Steps Beautiful Garden Design in Front of House using Lovely Red Flower and Medium Pine Tree also Soft Grass

Accentuate the entrance of your home with lovely red flowers and medium sized pine tree, fill the empty space between with soft grass and white cobblers.

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