13 Beautiful Vinyl Wall Decals for Your Bathroom

You will be amazed by how a vinyl wall decal can instantly transform the look of your bathroom.

Simply add an inspiring quote or an interesting illustration to your plain bathroom wall for a quick stylish accent. A high-quality vinyl wall decal is very easy to use – just peel and stick – and will endure for up to 10 years.

Have a look at these beautiful wall decals for your bathroom. Check it out.

  • Bubble Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal

Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul.

Brown Bathroom Wall With Modern Bathtub And Vinyl Wall Decal Bubble Design And Quote Soak Your Cares Away

Enjoy that beautiful quote with bubbles illustration bathroom vinyl wall decal to add a little bit of stylish fun to your bathroom.

  • Ornamental Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal

Apply the enchanting wall decal.

Ornamental Vinyl Bathroom Wall Decal With Soft Blue Background

A simple quote framed in ornamental design, perfect for your minimalist bathroom.

  • Fish Bathroom Wall Decal

We know sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get the kids to take their bath.

Cute Fish Bathroom Wall Decal In Blue And White Scheme

Surprise them with the playful set of blue fish vinyl wall decal. Now they will be looking forward to the next bath time.

  • Teeth Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal

Remind the kids the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily with the smart vinyl wall decal right on their bathroom wall.

Green Bathroom Painting with Teeth Vinyl Decal for Bathroom Wall also Quote Brush Your Teeth

A good example of how a decorative detail can also bring an educational message.

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  • Butterfly Vinyl Wall Decal

Lay back and relax in your bathtub after a hectic day at work, and feast your eyes with this mesmerizing vinyl decal on your bathroom wall.

Modern Simple Bathroom With Butterfly And Relax Vinyl Wall Decal

A beautiful calligraphic typography combined with ornamental butterflies and flowers.

  • Rules Wall Decal for Bathroom

Decorate your bathroom cabinet with a rattan basket filled with small towels.

Bathroom Cabinet Decorations with Rattan Basket and Quote on Vinyl Decal Bathroom Rules Wash Brush Floss Flush

Apply a typographic bathroom wall decal as a warm friendly reminder for everyone to see.

  • Silhouette Bathroom Wall Decal

Ah, it looks like someone is enjoying some good bubble bath time, isn’t it?

Green Neon Lighting Bathroom Ideas With Women Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decal

Actually no, it’s just a silhouette bathroom wall decal. Why not add a cheeky decoration like this for your bathroom?

  • Typographic Vinyl Wall Decal for Bathroom

A simple typographic bathroom wall decal, reminding you to have a relaxing bath after a long day.

Small White Bathroom Ideas With Wall Decal Quote Bath Relax And Soak The Day Away

Unwind the stress after a hectic day in the comfort of your own bathroom.

  • Light Decal for Bathroom Wall

Give your focal bathroom wall a light decorative touch with the simple typographic bathroom wall decal.

Brown Bathroom Wall With Modern Bathtub And Vinyl Wall Decal Bubble Design And Quote Soak Your Cares Away

It will complement your whole bathroom arrangement with style.

  • Words Vinyl Wall Decal for Bathroom

It turns out that a combination of bathroom-related words in various fonts and sizes can be an exciting addition to your bathroom.

Contemporary and Modern Bathroom Design in White Painting with Black many Words Vinyl Wall Decal

Yes, a reminder that bathroom is never just another room in the house, sometimes it’s a place where we found our peace of mind.

  • Relax Wall Decal for Bathroom

Did you know that if you apply your wall decal properly, it can appear as if it was actually painted on the wall?

Relax Unwind Soak Quote Vinyl Decal In White Bathroom Wall

See again. Nice!

  • Exotic Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal

Improve the look of your plain bathroom with a delightful simple quote framed in exotic ornamental shapes.

Simple Bathroom Decorations With Elegant Vinyl Wall Decal Relax Restore Renew Quote

Renew your mood with pleasing decorative details on your bathroom wall.

  • Chic Bathroom Vinyl Wall Decal

Leave your worries behind, bring your favorite bubble bomb to the bathroom and enjoy a nice, relaxing warm bath after a long day.

White Bathroom Design With Dark Wooden Flooring And Relax Quote Vinyl Wall Decal Also Butterfly

Relax .. like this chic butterflies bathroom wall decal.

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