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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

auf Wiedersehen & Merci!

Fringe, wink, pout and a Vulcan salute. Heidi is my co-pilot.
A big "Thank you so much for reading Speed Chic!" to everyone who skimmed this blog, won a giveaway or Liked us on FB! After 39,100 pageviews and two years of on-line sharing the inner workings of my beauty-obsessed brain (thanks for listening, really--if I don't tell you I start giving makeovers to strangers standing in line at Starbucks--not always a pre-coffee welcome gift for some folks) Speed Chic is shutting up shop. Fall and the first days of school are the perfect time to make a fresh start, and I'm ready say goodbye to blogland and begin my next projects. 

In the (kinda) words of the eloquent Emily Dickenson: If I can stop one heart from forgetting to apply her lip gloss, then I shall not have blogged in vain. 

Laura Mercier's "Bellini" for some end o'summer sparkle.
Until we meet again!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

ThredUP: Summer Weekend Getaway Packing (the Thrifty Edition!)

It feels like the end of summer--chlorine is burning our eyes and we need to deep condition our sun-kissed locks. I am determined to hang on to my golden glow (thanks, Jergens Natural Glow self-tanner/daily SPF 20!) and am running to and fro with boys, bags and airplane tickets in tow.

The wise and hip folks at thredUp.com, an on-line consignment boutique, recently hit up Speed Chic with the challenge to create a week's worth of looks for $150. Did someone say "Chic on a Shoestring"? After two tries (the trouble with on-line thrift shopping is you can't really judge the size until you try it on) I picked 5 items for $108 and am considering packing them on a weekend getaway with the kids (Here I come, Mother-In-Law!)

Here are my attempts...
All good ideas, but needed a bit of editing...
...And here's what stuck. I added my own white Gap pocket tank, white Dojo Seven jeans, bikini & accessories.

Pair your halter style dress with a hands-free, no fuss cross body bag and edgy studded flip flops. Note: When shopping  outlets and sample sales wear your sports bra and leggings in case you want to try on clothes and not wait for the  line at the dressing room (or in case there's not a dressing room!) 

Pair your classic madras shorts with a sparkly statement necklace and some beachy wedges. 
The only backdrop you need for your bling is a plain white T.

Crisp white jeans set off an easy embellished top and a pair of classic shades. Hop on the clear Lucite  heel trend in this Prada sandal (Apparently Helen Mirren's been doing it for years!)
I've been coveting this denim jacket in the Garnet Hill catalogue, but they're selling it for over $200 and I just couldn't bring myself to spend the cash. Add your favorite sundress and flat sandals, and you'll be the juiciest tomato at the market. Dress @ Free People.
Use this embroidered scarf over your shoulders to protect yourself from unwanted sun exposure or wrap it around your hips, pareo style, for extra bum coverage. Bikini by 3.1 Philip Lim @ Bergdorf's.
So there you have it, ladies--you don't have to dump your duckets to score some sweet style points. There's a million on-line resellers out there, but thredUP gives you 30 days to return, sends you all your goodies in the cutest polka dot box and when you're ready to purge your closet you can mail a bagful back to them to sell, postage pre-paid.

Now that's a deal worth upping your frequent flyer miles for...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Plastic Fantastic

I think my obsession with plastic shoes reached its apex when I was six and scored my first pair of pink sparkly jellies...

Before that, I coveted teeny neon Barbie mules that hurt when you stepped on one stuck in the carpet and white molded plastic go go boots that fit around her nonexistent calf muscles just so. Both types of shoes had a limited shelf life (those jellies were later doomed to snap apart after a summer spent stomping around the town pool and pushing pedals on my bike, while Barbie required a constant influx of complete outfits because even with a suitcase the length of her body she still couldn't keep track of her accessories.)

In the June 14, 2013 "What I Wore" segment of the New York Times,  Paul Cavaco, Creative Director extraordinaire at "Allure" magazine (and my former boss) said he wore Crocs to the airport. If Mr. Cavaco says its okay, you can bet I'm running to the Crocs shop and slipping on my own dishwasher-friendly footwear!

I did a mini test-run of the sling back model (flat, black, round peek-a-boo toe) in NYC. I hot-footed it around town from Grand Central to Eva Scrivo (highlights with Laurie!) to Rita Hazan (haircut with Mylo!) to makeup playtime at Sephora then meeting up with pals. Got a few compliments from a fella on the street as well as a dapper dude in the salon. And I was rain ready. I call that success on many levels, folks.

But, dear readers, I will let you judge for yourself--Here is a pic of my crocs walking alongside a cute pair of red plastic Prada flip flops. Actually, I am prepping to lap her--gotta love the Prada, but these Crocs can hold their own when it comes to a flat-out footrace to Bloomingdale's.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Party Girl: Goin' Somewhere, Hon?

Parker Posey ain't no Paris Hilton in "Party Girl". Rent it.

For me, a jaunt to the grocery store feels like a party if I'm properly attired (yes, yes I do need to get out more.) On the other hand, I could show up at the swankiest of soirees and if I were wearing flats and jeans with a T-shirt while everyone else shined in their sequins and Louboutins, y'all might as well just send me home.

Vain, you might wonder? Nah, I just can't concentrate on chit-chat if my hair is a mess and I'm wearing 'trousers' or worse, 'khakis'. It's a fashion sensitivity--the way some people are allergic to perfume in gyms or gluten in their pizza crusts. Never fear, there is a cure! It's called shopping, and Speed Chic's done the heavy lifting for you.

So skip the Italian food and slip on your Cha-Cha heels, girls. It's time for a little aerobic party primping...

Goin' Somewhere?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gimme some Lip

Sometimes I think I'm really funny, most of the time I have to bite my sarcastic tongue. In the spirit of teaching my sons to "be polite"and "listen the first time" I think I'll give myself a visual reminder of what it means to "zip the lip" (zip the darn pretty lip, that is):

Didn't Mae West say "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful?" My kinda gal.
Mae West Lips Sofa, Salvadore Dali, 1937
Which brings me to my latest beauty obsession:

YSL, You had me at bonjour.
I am so paranoid this lip luster is going to melt in my new purse I keep it in a ziplock baggie and carry it around with me on errands. As Vogue vixen Lauren Santo Domingo once said about MAC's Ruffian Red: "It's like crack". I feel ya, Lauren, I feel ya. YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine has everything a gal  could want to polish her pout--a rich, yet lightweight pigment infused into a candy-scented non-waxy base with lots of shine but no sparkle. Even holding the heavy gold metallic tube makes me feel like I'm about to flip open my Zippo and pucker up to a Chesterfield, James Dean style.

He's so pretty.
Forget the smoke rings, ladies,  my vice is storing tubes of the glossy stuff in the side pocket of my car door. And that ain't no crime. However, putting on makeup while your bombing down the highway probably is--Speed Chic does not endorse texting, blogging, or primping while driving per se--what you do at a red light is your own biz-ness.
'Nuff said. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Soap Dish: Sweet Rita's Giveaway!

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble...
Lily Cole photographed by Tim Walker, Vogue UK 2005
I pride myself in my ability to keep my two young, active boys always looking clean and well-groomed:

When that fails, I turn to my awesome cousin Rita, the Montana-based creator and owner of Sweet Rita's Soaps. Her all-natural goat's milk soaps and lip balms are a family favorite and featured in the swankiest of Dude Ranches. Infused with essential oils in a creamy base, Sweet Rita's soaps not only foam up nicely and rinse clean, but you can actually pronounce all the ingredients on the label (try that even with the ten dollar soaps at Whole Foods!)
Mmmm, lavender. 
In between raising her two ridiculously adorable tots (you'll find her 5 year old at the local Farmer's Market giving posh pedicures to the passersby while momma works up a lather in the sales department) and running Tough Mudder-esque road races (she has the gaul to giggle while enjoying the spartan-like challenges) you'll find Rita creating new recipes in her stainless steel kitchen workroom.

This is Rita.
Little dirt never hurt no one.
So here's the rub-a-dub-dub: Help this gal invent a new soap flavor! Name it and list its special ingredients below in our comments section (for inspiration, check out Sweet Rita's website) and "Like" Speed Chic and Sweet Rita's on Facebook. One lucky winner will win a special Sweet Rita's gift basket (and might get her signature scent produced!)

Now start scrubbin'!

Here are some of the great suggestions we've had so far via FB--keep 'em coming and check back here soon for the winning results!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ceci n'est pas un camel.

Both of my boys are somewhat dramatic and sensitive--it is not unusual to hear "Dreams really do come  true!" and "I would die for this Batman Lego set!" at birthday time. Thunder is the fearless type--when he was three his pediatrician warned me he would be the one to jump in the pool when no one's looking (hence my uber-vigilant Baywatch stance around swimming holes). Lightning, on the other hand, has a mortal fear of flying insects and doctor's needles. I don't blame him--my bugaboo is mice. Eek!

Even decked out in designer duds (Lanvin!) this Mouse gives me the creeps. 
Recently Lightning and I hit the local zoo (while Thunder was toiling away in kindergarten). For a mere $5 we could ride Goliath the camel! What a treat--I envisioned happy mommy'n'me memories for our Facebook page (See us cavorting with the wildlife! Isn't motherhood fun?!)

Yeah, Lighting was having none of it.

He stood on the platform, eyed that camel with suspicion and refused to budge. Never one to waste five bucks (or miss a Sex in the City redux) I hopped on that hump and took a little spin around the stable.

It's all fun and games 'til you can't find your hair & makeup guy.
Three minutes later, my son and I bopped around the zoo, racing past the wolves and dawdling at the duck pond. Three hours later, post a sickly-blue Rita's water ice, bison sightings, wishing well toss and with newly purchased stuffed snake in hand, Lighting rode the camel.

As we walked away, I asked my darling boy what changed his mind (I'm always trying to figure out what makes him tick--Gemini! Argh!) He said,"I watched you do it, Momma. And it looked fun."

If I could have beamed while carrying my exhausted four-year old to the parking lot on my back, I totally would have.

Thanks for the life lesson there, Goliath.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Icon Eye Candy

Who needs a gaggle of bursting-at-the-seams bags when you can have one beautifully crafted,
goes-with-everything, gorgeous item that works overtime without needing a lunch break?

They call them icons for a reason, people. Think Audrey's little black dress, Grace Kelly's pearls, the Tiffany blue box, a pair of Manolos--the embodiments of luxury, quality and good taste.

Sort of like when I was in the somewhat torturous throws of sixth grade, the "It" bag of our pre-pubescent set was this pretty little lady:

Liz Claiborne's version of the "Speedy".  Mine was in taupe. 

Nevermind that my mom said it would be my only Christmas present that year (Liz wasn't cheap, and I think I also got an electric blanket, thank you very much). Certain sacrifices were welcome if it meant I got to stroll the hallway in a three-pack of Claiborne toting pre-teens. A few or so decades later, I still haven't lost the fever for fine leather goods--the only difference being the price tag (I wish I could tell my 12 year-old self that I can now get this baby on Ebay for $13!!!).

But of course, Liz is a little deja vu. Yes, it's true--I've matured and moved on...

Now I'm after Louis:

Tall fences make good neighbors, er, handbag storage racks.